Spiraling Suggestions for Profound Communication

Strive to Communicate in the present moment. Express how you feel emotionally and sensationally. Notice how those feelings relate to your needs.

Communicate with feelings and needs awareness. Give others empathy instead of advising or educating. Honor requests for information without promoting agendas.

Respect needs instead of using neediness to manipulate. Formulate specific requests if your needs are not being met. Express specific gratitude when your needs are getting met.

Patiently wait for profound things to arise in spaciousness. Become as comfortable as you can with silence. Refrain from filling empty space with ordinary conversation.

Notice when you are blaming, shaming or judging anyone. Welcome input from those who can see things you can’t. If something triggers you, acknowledge it. 

Share the impact gently, kindly, lovingly and truthfully if possible. It is also okay to feel angry. Express the real emotions that are hiding beneath your anger.

Patiently accept that it’s not possible to do this perfectly.

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