Spiraling Defined

Spiraling is the practice of Compassionate Communication Circling for the purpose of increasing self-awareness through the expression of present moment feelings as they relate to basic human needs, and making positive doable specific requests in a way that inspires collaboration to insure everybody’s needs are met.


  1. Everybody has basic human needs in common
  2. Positive emotions indicate needs are being met
  3. Negative emotions indicate needs are going unmet
  4. It’s impossible to get needs met at the expense of another’s
  5. Making sure others needs are met is enlightened self-interest
  6. Collaborating to make sure everyone’s needs are met is fun
  7. Don’t do anything that isn’t play


  • Everybody has a valuable contribution to make
  • We collaborate to insure everybody has an opportunity
  • Inclusion is of greater value than exclusion
  • The focus is on present moment emotions, sensations, and needs
  • We aim to make inspiring positive doable specific requests
  • Respecting self and others we encourage this focus